Pilotage Services

Ships in the Blyth

Mooring services have been our main focus of operations. However, in early 1987 UK Trust Ports went through dramatic changes. One of these changes was the creation of the “Pilotage Act 1987” which resulted in the Port Commissioners taking over responsibility as the Competent Harbour Authority, for the provision of Pilotage services in the Port of Blyth.

An essential component in operating the Pilotage service was the provision of Pilot Cutter Crews, which could guarantee 24 hours a day 365 days a year service.


Pilotage services

With this in mind and with our successful long term working relationship within the port, for ship owners and for the Port of Blyth themselves, the Commissioners came to us in June 1987 to see if we could come up with a solution and help in providing this “essential part of the Pilotage Service”. We very quickly went back to the Commissioners and we were able to provide them with suitable proposals. This has resulted in BLYTH BOATMEN providing over 20 years of continuous round the clock Pilotage service to the Port and its customers.

Pilotage services